How To Clean Your Peloton Screen [Bike or Treadmill]

If you own a Peloton, you may be wondering How to Clean Your Peloton Screen effectively? This question is common among Peloton owners who strive to maintain the pristine condition and safety of their bike and tread. With a plethora of home gym equipment available, the Peloton is an excellent choice for those who wish to exercise more frequently in the comfort of their own homes.

The screen of the Peloton is a valuable component that requires special attention. Similar to other electronic devices like plasma TVs, flat-screen TVs, and LCDs, it is important to dedicate some time to ensure it remains free of dust and dirt.

How To Clean Your Peloton Screen

How To Clean Your Peloton Screen

The Peloton Screen:

The screen size of a Peloton varies depending on the bike or tread model you own. Generally, a standard Peloton bike features a 21.5″ screen, while the Peloton+ bike has a slightly larger 23.8″ screen.

For the tread models, the screen sizes differ. The normal tread typically has a 23.5″ screen, while the tread+ boasts a larger 32″ screen.

Regardless of the size and configuration, all Peloton screens share a common feature—they are HD touch screens. Consequently, cleaning them requires some caution and attention.

When it comes to selecting a cleaning solution, it’s common to wonder which one works best. For instance, can you use Windex on the Peloton screen, or would an electronic cleaner specifically designed for screens be more suitable? In my opinion, if you and your family members use a single Peloton bike for your workouts, it is advisable to establish a regular cleaning routine to keep the bike in pristine condition and ensure the safety and health of all users.

Since the screen is delicate and designed to maintain its original appearance, it is important to follow proper cleaning techniques. The good news is that you don’t need to invest a significant amount of money or spend an entire day to keep the screen dust-free if you know the correct cleaning process.

To help you clean your Peloton touch screen effectively, I have compiled this guide. Instead of using traditional methods like Peloton cleaning vinegar, there are reasonably-priced cleaning solutions available that can be used to clean your Peloton screen with ease.

How To Clean Peloton Screen?

Before you begin cleaning, it’s crucial to remember not to spray or directly apply any cleaner onto the screen. This can potentially damage the screen, leave fingerprints, or even cause component breakdown when wiping the electronic device.

To start, take a microfiber cloth and lightly dampen it with a disinfectant spray. This method ensures that every nook and cranny of the screen is cleaned effectively. Look for a disinfectant spray with a pleasant eucalyptus scent, as it not only removes odors but also kills 99% of germs. These sprays are designed to be electronic-friendly and leave no marks on the screen, providing a spa-like effect in your room.

If you prefer a more affordable option, you can use eyeglass solutions or a screen cleaner specifically designed for LED touch screens. Simply spray the solution directly onto the microfiber cloth and wipe the screen gently.

Once the front screen is cleaned, use a wet microfiber cloth to wipe the monitor and remove any dust particles. Pay attention to cleaning every angle of the touch screen to ensure optimal results.

There are specialized wipes available that are considered the best for cleaning Peloton bikes, but they are recommended for cleaning the back part of the device. When it comes to cleaning the front part, stick to using a microfiber cloth only.

Remember to clean the device gently and slowly. The Peloton is an expensive piece of equipment that can be challenging to replace both in terms of cost and convenience.

Lastly, try to incorporate cleaning into your routine after each use to maintain its cleanliness. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. However, if you are unable to do so, aim to clean the screen on alternative days to ensure regular maintenance.

Using Peloton Screen Protector:

Currently, there is a convenient option available to protect your Peloton screen—the Peloton screen protector. Drip Accessories is a company that manufactures these protectors, which function similarly to screen protectors for mobile devices. They are available for both the standard Peloton bike and the Peloton tread.

The screen protector can be easily applied and replaced whenever necessary. It’s comparable to changing the headlight of a car. When a car’s headlight gets dirty, it can reduce the brightness of the bulb. In a similar way, the touch screen on the Peloton can be affected by dirt and smudges. By using a screen protector, you can enhance the screen’s brightness and clarity. These protectors serve as a dust cover and provide an added layer of convenience by reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

Consider using a Peloton screen protector to keep your screen in optimal condition and minimize the hassle of regular cleaning.

How Should I Clean The Peloton Screen?

A Peloton is an indoor exercise bike that can accumulate dust, rust, and dirt over time. To ensure its longevity and optimal performance, it is advisable to clean the bike after each use and strive to keep it as clean as possible. Given that it features an HD touch screen, which is highly sensitive, it is recommended to use electronic wipes to effectively address sweat and grime resulting from workouts.

If you can incorporate a daily cleaning routine, then once a week or once every two weeks, you can perform a more thorough cleaning of both the front and backside of the bike.


In conclusion, if the Peloton screen comes with the bike and does not need to be purchased separately, it is crucial to consistently follow the cleaning process I have outlined. The cleaning task itself does not consume much time, and you can choose any suitable cleaning method. However, to prevent accidents, especially if you have children at home or if you are not using the bike regularly, it is recommended to remove the screen and store it in a safe place. This approach helps maintain the durability of the screen while ensuring safety.

By properly maintaining and cleaning your screen, you can keep it in excellent condition, ensuring it performs optimally and lasts for a long time.

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